My Seeking Christ Project!

Christ Beside Still Waters 3

I love to listen to various podcasts and sermons on YouTube on scriptural and doctrinal topics. The only problem I am running into is the spirit keeps prompting me not to. I keep getting the clear impression to stop getting my interpretation of the scriptures filtered to me through other people.

I feel the Lord telling me “The scriptures are the original sources for what they teach. Read them directly and come up with your own interpretation as to what they say.”

Whenever I feel those promptings I think of Isaiah 28:8 which reads “For all tables are filled with vomit; no spot is without excrement.” Avraham Gileadi in his analytical commentary for that chapter says that the hebrew word for tables has to do with the truth or scriptures and that the people are not getting the pure unadulterated truth, but filtered knowledge it calls “vomit” or “excrement”.

In other words it is calling men’s books (or in our day podcasts) about doctrine and scripture vomit and excrement; their filtered leftovers. It is someone’s interpretation of scripture, not scripture.

I don’t think the Lord means here that other men’s written or verbal ideas do not have value. With proper perspective some have a lot of value. But I think He means the very best is as excrement compared to actual scriptures. The scriptures, and from Christ Himself, are where we need to be looking for truth.

So this Seeking Project is my effort to heed those promptings. My plan is to start with the New Testament, then go through the Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants. I plan on going through each chapter by chapter, not just reading it, but studying it, and writing on this website what I think each verse means. I also plan on recording myself reading each chapter and posting the recording as an audio file on each page.

I should say here that I am posting it on this website just in case it inspires you to do your own similar thing. My interpretation really is for me. To anyone else it is not scripture, but my filtered leftovers lol. So I hope you get value out of reading this, but most of all I hope it inspires you to do a similar study of the scriptures themselves on your own.

So let’s get started. My first study is going to be of the New Testament. I am going to start here with linking to the first chapter of my study: St Matthew chapter 1.